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We thank you for your interest in our flavors.  We understand that there are a few other options for your flavor needs but feel confident that we will win you over with a quality product that is safe and dependable.  Most importantly, consistency with excellent customer service.

If you're looking to skip to the flavor that you're interested in, just take a look at the list below.  Click on the flavor and it will route your directly to its description, price and availability.  If for some reason you do not see a flavor that you're looking for or it may be that it requires us to special order it, please send us and email…there's a good chance that we may have it in stock.  

If you'd like more information on our Wholesale Program, please click on the link.  Thanks again! 

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Absinthe Flavor

Almond Flavor

Almond Amaretto Flavor

Amaretto Flavor

Apple Cider Flavor

Apple Cider (Spiced) Flavor

Apple Hoops Cereal Flavor

Apple (Red) Flavor

Apple (Gala) Flavor

Apple (Granny Smith) Flavor

Apple Strudel Flavor

Apricot Flavor

Bacon Flavor

Banana Flavor

Banana Cream Pie Flavor

Banana Foster Flavor

Bananas Gone Nuts Flavor

Banana Nut Pudding Flavor

Banana Split Flavor

Banana Sweet Cream Flavor

Baked Honey Oats Cereal Flavor

Bavarian Cream Flavor

Belgian Waffle Flavor

Black Cherry Flavor

Black Tea Flavor

Blackberry Flavor

Blood Orange Flavor

Blueberry Fruit Flavor

Blueberry Candy Flavor

Blueberry Cheescake Flavor

Blueberry Cotton Candy Flavor

Blueberry Yogurt Flavor

Bourbon Whiskey Flavor

Boysenberry Flavor

Brandy Flavor

Brown Sugar Flavor

Brownie Flavor

Bubble Gum “Bonanza Bob” Flavor

Bubble Gum “Bubble Bubble” Flavor

Burnt Sugar Flavor

Butter Pecan Flavor

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Flavor

Butter Rum Flavor

Butter Toffee Flavor

Butterscotch (Candy) Flavor

Cake (Yellow) Flavor

Cake Batter

Candy Corn Flavor

Cantaloupe Flavor

Captain Cereal Flavor

Captain and Berries Cereal Flavor

Cappuccino Flavor

Caramel Flavor

Caramel (Creamy Square Candy) Flavor

Carrot Cake Flavor

Cherry Blossom Tea Flavor

Cheesecake Flavor

Chewy Chocolate Candy Roll Flavor

Chewy Chocolate Candy Bar Flavor

Chocolate Chip Flavor

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor

Chocolate Milk Flavor

Chocolate Peanut Cup Flavor

Chocolate Strawberry Flavor

Cinnnamon Apple Pie Flavor

Churro Flavor

Cinnamon Bear Candy Flavor

Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Flavor

Cinnamon Roll Flavor

Cinnamon Roll w/Caramel

Cookies N Cream Flavor

Clove Flavor

Coconut Flavor

Coconut Milk Flavor

Coconut (Toasted) Flavor

Coconut Candy Flavor

Coconut Cream Pie Flavor

Coffee (Black) Flavor

Cola Flavor

Cola (Vanilla) Flavor

Concord Grape Flavor

Cookie Dough Flavor

Cookies and Cream Flavor

Corn Bread Flavor

Cosmopolitan Martini Flavor

Cranberry Flavor

Cream (Milky Undertone) Flavor - PG Based

Cream (Milky Undertone) Flavor - VG Based

Cream OOO Blend I Flavor

Cream OOO Blend II Flavor

Cream (Sweet) Flavor

Cream Soda Flavor

Crème Brulee Flavor

Crème Bouquet Flavor

Cucumber (Natural) Flavor

Cucumber Mint Flavor

Custard Flavor

Date Flavor

Double Apple Flavor

Double Dutch Chocolate

Dragonfruit Flavor

Dr. Soda Flavor

Dulce de Leche Flavor

Dutch Apple Pie Flavor

Egg Nog Flavor

Energy Drink (Green) Type Flavor

Energy Drink (Red) Type Flavor

Energy Drink (Rock) Type Flavor

Ethyl Maltol - PG

Ethyl Maltol - VG

Flan Flavor

French Vanilla Flavor

Fruity Hoops Cereal Flavor

Frooty Stones Cereal Flavor I

Frooty Stones Cereal Flavor II

Fruit Punch Flavor

Fruity Type Gum Flavor

Gingerbread Flavor

Glazed Donut Flavor

Graham Cracker Flavor

Grape Punch Flavor

Grape Soda Flavor

Green Tea Flavor

Green Apple Candy Flavor (Natural)

Guava Flavor

Gummy Bear Flavor

Gummy Fish Flavor

Happy Rancher Apple Flavor

Happy Rancher Cherry Flavor

Happy Rancher Grape Flavor

Happy Rancher Strawberry Flavor

Happy Rancher Watermelon Flavor

Happy Taffy Banana Flavor

Happy Taffy Cherry Flavor

Happy Taffy Apple Flavor

Hazelnut Flavor

Honey Dew Flavor

Honey Flavor

Horchata Flavor

Iced Tea Flavor

Irish Cream Flavor

Juicy Pear Flavor

Key Lime Pie Flavor

Kiwi Flavor

Kiwi Strawberry

Lemon Flavor

Lemon Lime Up Flavor

Lemon Tea Flavor

Lemonade Flavor

Licorice (Red) Flavor

Lime Flavor

Lychee Flavor

Mai Tai Flavor

Malted Milk Flavor

Mango (Ripe) Flavor

Mango (Peel) Flavor

Maple Flavor

Maraschino Cherry Flavor

Marshmallow Flavor

Marshmallow (Vanilla) Flavor

Marshmallow Cereal Flavor (PG Based)

Marshmallow Cereal Flavor (VG Based)

Menthol Flavor

Merlot Flavor

Milk Chocolate Candy Bar Flavor

Mojito Flavor

Mojito (Extra Minty) Flavor

Mt. Soda Type Flavor

Nutella Flavor – Bulk Wholesale

Oatmeal Flavor

Orange and Cream Flavor

Orange (Juice) Flavor

Orange (Navel) Flavor

Orange (Popsicle) Flavor

Orange Sherbet Flavor

Orange Square Candy Flavor

Papaya Flavor

Passion Fruit Flavor

Peaches and Cream Flavor

Peach (Fresh) Flavor

Peach (Ripe) Flavor

Peach Rings Flavor

More Flavors Additions Coming Soon